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Trinity Services’ New Headquarters

We are excited about the purchase of our new building on Veterans Parkway in New Lenox. It is in the central commons area near the Village Hall, off of Route 30. We hope to move into the building sometime next summer.

One of the benefits of this decision is that it allows us to consolidate many of our residential programs, and administrative and support functions at the same location thus affording a more efficient and cost effective operation.

What follows are answers to some of the questions that we have been asked.

Q: How did Trinity get the money to pay for this new building?

A: Since its inception in 1950, Trinity has strived to be a good steward of the resources it has, financial and otherwise. As the organization has grown from serving a handful of people in its early years to over 2,500 people annually; its main administrative offices continued to operate out of the original building on Gougar Road, with satellite offices operating out of leased properties.

Given the efficiencies it would gain by having virtually all of its offices under one roof, Trinity launched its Expanding Horizons capital campaign in 2000 to construct a building on Gougar Road on land it owns in unincorporated Joliet in New Lenox Township.

Q: How much money did the campaign raise?

A: The campaign raised 3.2 million dollars from many generous donors who recognized the importance of this project and wanted to contribute.

Q: If Trinity was going to originally build on land it owns, how did it come to purchase the building on Veterans Parkway?

A: We were fortunate in that a Trinity employee happened to learn that the unfinished building was up for what is called a short sale and mentioned it to Art Dykstra. A short sale is when a property is sold for less than what is owed on it, ensuring that the purchaser is not held responsible for the difference. Unfortunately, the developer ran out of money and was unable to finish the building. Trinity was able to purchase the 38,000 square foot property located in the beautiful New Lenox Commons for far less than it was worth, and at less than what it would cost to construct a new building in a location which did not yet have sewer and water.





Last Name First Name Email  Address
Adams Georlene gadams@trinity-services.org
Anaya Maricela manaya@trinity-services.org
Bailey Tonya tbailey@trinity-services.org
Bales Cheryl cbales@trinity-services.org
Batchelor Debi dbatchelor@trinity-services.org
Batchelor Jenny jlbatchelor@trinity-services.org
Behlke Leigh Stephanie sbehlke@trinity-services.org
Bell Monica mbell@trinity-services.org
Benegas Ben bbenegas@trinity-services.org
Bernabei Jamie jbernabei@trinity-services.org
Bien Theresa tbien@trinity-services.org
Bivens Lynn lbivens@trinity-services.org
Blankenship Pat pblankenship@trinity-services.org
Bolam Rick rbolam@trinity-services.org
Bondlow Melissa mbondlow@trinity-services.org
Bonivel Susan sbonivel@trinity-services.org
Branch Michelle mbranch@trinity-services.org
Bregenzer Marie mbregenzer@trinity-services.org
Brice Patrice pbrice@trinity-services.org
Brick Aliesha abrick@trinity-services.org
Brown Heather hbrown@trinity-services.org
Brubaker Michelle mbrubaker@trinity-services.org
Burkett Rita rburkett@trinity-services.org
Carley Katie kgauthier@trinity-services.org
Charate Ajeet acharate@trinity-services.org
Chavez Christina cchavez@trinity-services.org
Chuporak Jim jchuporak@trinity-services.org
Ciancanelli Patty pciancanelli@trinity-services.org
Clark Sue sclark@trinity-services.org
Cohen Jenny jcohen@trinity-services.org
Conrad Kayleigh kconrad@trinity-services.org
Coziahr Jennifer jcoziahr@trinity-services.org
Craft Ellis ecraft@trinity-services.org
Cunningham Kevin kcunningham@trinity-services.org
Curtis Trudy tcurtis@trinity-services.org
Danko Shannon sdanko@trinity-services.org
Delsasso Donna ddelsasso@trinity-services.org
Devon Pat pdevon@trinity-services.org
Dillon Lisa ldillon@trinity-services.org
Dudek Tracy tdudek@trinity-services.org
Duffy Erin eduffy@trinity-services.org
Duncan Linda lduncan@trinity-services.org
Dunn Tracey tdunn@trinity-services.org
Dykstra Art adykstra@trinity-services.org
Dykstra Thane tdykstra@trinity-services.org
Dykstra William wdykstra@trinity-services.org
Easter Valerie veaster@trinity-services.org
Egeland Julie jegeland@trinity-services.org
Elgas Lori lelgas@trinity-services.org
Ewenson Brenda bewenson@trinity-services.org
Fagan Rick rfagan@trinity-services.org
Fikes DePriessa dfikes@trinity-services.org
Gaffney Kelly kgaffney@trinity-services.org
Garbrecht Molly mgarbrecht@trinity-services.org
Garcia Yors ygarcia@trinity-services.org
Gardner Erin ejackson@trinity-services.org
Gier Diane dgier@trinity-services.org
Gossen Michele mgossen@trinity-services.org
Goulding Anita agoulding@trinity-services.org
Grove Mary mgrove@trinity-services.org
Guerra Colleen cguerra@trinity-services.org
Gurrola-Cordoba Faye fcordoba@trinity-services.org
Habisohn Sanders Claire csanders@trinity-services.org
Hahne Grace ghahne@trinity-services.org
Harris Catrina charris@trinity-services.org


Bonnie bhassan@trinity-services.org
Hausherr Lori lhausherr@trinity-services.org
Highline Amy ahighline@trinity-services.org
Hodges Jennifer jhodges@trinity-services.org
Hoffman Amie ahoffman@trinity-services.org
Housman Rhonda rhousman@trinity-services.org
Hundley Theresa thundley@trinity-services.org
Indovina Carl cindovina@trinity-services.org
Janczak Holly hjanczak@trinity-services.org
Jersey Mike mjersey@trinity-services.org
Johnson Jolene jjohnson@trinity-services.org
Jones Nina njones@trinity-services.org
Kazaoka Kyosuke kkazaoka@trinity-services.org
Kiers Cindy ckiers@trinity-services.org
Klouse Jennifer jklouse@trinity-services.org
Knights Dawn dknights@trinity-services.org
Kolb Medria mkolb@trinity-services.org
Kozar Suzy skozar@trinity-services.org
Krauss Kevin kkrauss@trinity-services.org
Krusinski Skot skrusinski@trinity-services.org
Kuter Amanda akuter@trinity-services.org
Ladislas Sherry sladislas@trinity-services.org
Larsen Donna dlarsen@trinity-services.org
Latham Kelly klatham@trinity-services.org
Lavallier Chessie clavallier@trinity-services.org
Lee Kallie klee@trinity-services.org
LeGrett Vicki vlegrett@trinity-services.org
Lewis Shirley slewis@trinity-services.org
Lipinski Cheryl clipinski@trinity-services.org
Lollock Lori llollock@trinity-services.org
Long Andy along@trinity-services.org
Loveland Kim kloveland@trinity-services.org
Lovering Barb blovering@trinity-services.org
Lowry Mike mlowry@trinity-services.org
Macak Nick nmacak@trinity-services.org
Malone Lisa lmalone@trinity-services.org
Maro Candace cbialek@trinity-services.org
McCullum Yolanda ymccullum@trinity-services.org
McCutcheon Mike mmccutcheon@trinity-services.org
McKinney Shannon smckinney@trinity-services.org
Mecozzi Mike mmecozzi@trinity-services.org
Nagel Sherry snagel@trinity-services.org
Nemeth Jan jnemeth@trinity-services.org
Nichols Allison anichols@trinity-services.org
O'Connell Danielle doconnell@trinity-services.org
O'Connell Judy joconnell@trinity-services.org
O'Donnell Valerie vzubrzycki@trinity-services.org
O'Halloran Darlene dohalloran@trinity-services.org
Padgett Kim kpadgett@trinity-services.org
Paniak Cassie cpaniak@trinity-services.org
Parker Sharon sparker@trinity-services.org
Paterson Karen kpaterson@trinity-services.org
Pender Leanne lpender@trinity-services.org
Peterson Diane dpeterson@trinity-services.org
Pettinger Becky bpettinger@trinity-services.org
Pezonella Kim kpezonella@trinity-services.org
Pohl-Burfield Stephanie spohl@trinity-services.org
Purler Darlene dpurler@trinity-services.org
Quigley JoAnn jquigley@trinity-services.org
Raimondi Debra Lynn draimondi@trinity-services.org
Ramos Amy aramos@trinity-services.org
Randolph Vickie vrandolph@trinity-services.org
Regan Monica mregan@hightidepress.com
Reno Marilyn mreno@trinity-services.org
Ritchey Sally sritchey@trinity-services.org
Rudd Linda lrudd@trinity-services.org
Ruhl Debbie druhl@trinity-services.org
Rundell-Holmes Mary mrundell-holmes@hightidepress.com
Runyan Janis jrunyan@trinity-services.org
Ryan Katie kryan@trinity-services.org
Saddoris Carolyn csaddoris@trinity-services.org
Sales Alicia asales@trinity-services.org
Samardzic Nancy nsamardzic@trinity-services.org
Sanders Beth bsanders@trinity-services.org
Sanders Nicole nsanders@trinity-services.org
Schaefer Kevin kschaefer@trinity-services.org
Schaefer Sharon sschaefer@trinity-services.org
Schafer Tabitha tschafer@trinity-services.org
Schmaedeke Jacqueline jschmaedeke@trinity-services.org
Schneider Jill jschneider@trinity-services.org
Schneider Tina tschneider@trinity-services.org
Scolarici Tom tscolarici@trinity-services.org
Selby Karen kselby@trinity-services.org
Shontz Kim kshontz@trinity-services.org
Sieling Mike msieling@trinity-services.org
Sieling Trina tsieling@trinity-services.org
Slaviero Zach zslaviero@trinity-services.org
Smith Anntonette asmith@trinity-services.org
Sopoci Hannah hwyncott@trinity-services.org
Soraghan Lorie lsoraghan@trinity-services.org
Spinabella Mary mspinabella@trinity-services.org
St. Onge Nancy nstonge@trinity-services.org
Straughter Isaac istraughter@trinity-services.org
Stukel Heidi hstukel@trinity-services.org
Sturm Christine csturm@trinity-services.org
Szubrych Cindy cszubrych@trinity-services.org
Tate Lois ltate@trinity-services.org
Thompson Valencia vathompson@trinity-services.org
Thompson Vicky vthompson@trinity-services.org
Vallera Bob bvallera@safenowproducts.com
Van Hess Pamela pvanhess@trinity-services.org
Vicich Diane dvicich@trinity-services.org
Volling Emily evolling@trinity-services.org
Vyas Raj rvyas@trinity-services.org
Walden Tara twalden@trinity-services.org
Waldvogel Annette awaldvogel@trinity-services.org
Wessel Helen hwessel@trinity-services.org
Williamson Megan mwilliamson@trinity-services.org
Willis Kirsten kwillis@trinity-services.org
Wilson Lauren lwilson@trinity-services.org
Witarsa Alex awitarsa@trinity-services.org
Wysocki Joan jwysocki@trinity-services.org
Zygmuntowicz Michelle mzygmuntowicz@trinity-services.org




Have you lost anything at the Conference Center?  Call Nancy or Debi for information, 815.722.0166.














Stop by the Gougar Road building to see the beautiful changes!
Here is a view of the hallway from the main entrance.



Upcoming Activities


Spring Plant Sale

Pre-orders due by April 26

Family & Friends Spring Dance
Lincoln Way East High School
2 - 4 pm

April 26